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Welcome to the AppleBranch
So you've stumbled your way to the AppleBranch Solutions wiki. This is a wiki which contains solutions to Apple software and hardware problems. It will hopefully become a database of solutions for Apple products. However, it is an online wiki available to everybody who is looking to scratch that little itch which fixes both niggly or serious problems. Feel free to have a look around, contribute or even edit - especially if you feel as if you have better solutions.

Remember when using AppleBranch Solutions

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Please remember to back-up before trying to attempt any solution.

The easiest way to do this is through Time Machine for Mac, and iTunes for iDevices.

Please note that performing any of the solutions featured on this wiki are to be performed completely at your own risk.

AppleBranch takes no responsibility for the outcome of any solutions posted on this wiki.

Some other helpful places

Fancy opening up your Mac and having a poke around or need a bit of community help perhaps?

Below are some helpful links which may help with that...

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